9. - 12. AUGUST 2018

Festival theater 2018 "Kabaret Kamerun"

The official Festival Theater and Dance company  "Kabaret Kamerun" play acts to preserve the techniques of traditional African theater and dance. The light hearted performance has two parts, the first part consisting of enchantment, music, dance with the audience participating. The second part is a series of short plays and skirts. Kabaret Kamerun comic performance describes a modern day life style of wowing a young lady into love contrary to ancients day when love was absent in marriage. 

The Colonial Era

During the colonial era European authorities discouraged or even banned some forms of African traditional theater. Most colonists had little respect for non-Western culture. In addition, Europeans believed that most traditional theater was linked to African religious practices, which they wanted to eliminate and replace with Christianity.

Europeans introduced new styles of theater, as well as new subject matter, to Africa. Missionaries taught elements of Christianity by having people act out scenes from the Bible. Students performed short plays in school. Europeans in major colonial cities established theater companies that presented white audiences with familiar plays in European-style settings 

Kabaret Kamerun theater short plays will portray scenes like European influence of Christianity and believes in Africa, a culture that has derail mindset and influence manipulations in the daily life and future of Africans. 


The festival theater takes place on the second stage "Festival Lounge Stage" on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 15 - 17 pm

Make sure you don't miss out on this innovation.

We hope you shall find GaiExpo & 8 International African Festival Tübingen 2018 rewarding time of your life.