9. - 12. AUGUST 2018


My motivation to create GAIEXPO is to offer a platform for diaspora and contacts, education and network in every sector.  Inspired by diaspora commitments and investment towards the continent, nothing can be more important than offering a platform to support diaspora development. This platform shall not benefit individuals but foster development tremendously. Taking a look at diaspora remittance approx. $ 35bn, one is optimistic and positive because the diaspora can create a source of financing for sectors such as rural agriculture. GAIEXPO p2pnet, network created & to be launch during the GAIEXPO days shall replace developmental aid, fight food insecurity and poverty.


This years theme is "Diaspora remittance and development". GAIEXPO is connecting African home champions and Diaspora global players, this is a huge gain for the continent. Rural farmers, women shall not be discriminated with funds, youths most not relocate to the city in search of jobs, just to mention a few.

GAIEXPO is a big dream. My appellation is that all interested shall benefit and make it sustainable.

GAIEXPO Exhibition Guide possess very useful information to help orientate you. For new and old Exhibitors, please take time and go through this guide as it orientates, provide Tips and very useful information to help facilitate your plan as regarding your participation. Should you still have any questions, my team and I are here to answer your questions.


GAIEXPO is open for registration to all small and medium sized industries in and out of Africa – From Agriculture or African shops which starts with A to Zulu arts that ends with Z. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us

Cordially yours

Susan Tatah

Managing Director