9. - 12. AUGUST 2018

GABS - Contact point for information & Consultancy for German Africa Neckar-alb

GaiExpo, 8th International Africa Festival Tübingen is a project of GABS, a newly created firm and contact point for information and consultancy focused on German Africa companies, NGOs, Private person, Institutions and church organizations. 

GABS is the first contact point for African Diaspora and migrants community in region Neckar-alb. Our goal is to inform and advice Africa migrants, companies with focus on Africa as well as provide platforms for intercultural exchange, dialogue and promotion.

GABS 4 main services areas :

  • Consultancy:  GABS offer consulting for German Africa Business and Art as well as advice Africans in every aspects - such as career, job, studies, start-ups and family
  • GaiExpo, 8th Int. Africa Festival Tübingen: An annual Expo for economy and cultural exchange and information and dialogue
  • Africa Aktiv Magazin: Africa Magazin for business and Arts for Baden-Württemberg. Featuring 2 times in a years ( July & November) with at least 10.000 copies distributed free of charge in households
  • Catering & Events: GABS offer catering and party services for all types of events - Business and Social Event
  • Arts Production "Cabaret Kamerun" November 2018 on tour in Germany 

visit GABS homepage www.gabs-germany.de