9. - 12. AUGUST 2018
Tübingen - Germany  

GaiExpo Pan-Africa conference on Education 2018


Recent Developments indicates Africa´s potentials and opportunities in markets and consumption related issues in both global and local settings. The infusion of Education as focus of GaiExpo 2018 in the context of pan-Africanism has been inspired in the works of academics as well as researcher and practitioners in the industry such as the Africa University in Zimbabwe. In particular, it is common to see the use of ethnographic methods (sometimes modified) in observing and understanding micro market/consumer practices and in the study of global consumer cultures on education. In the industry sector, such methods are employed in studying organizational cultures, in the areas of product design and other service related activities. Major companies both in the profit and non-profit sectors have created ethnographic teams to support their R&D functions.

In addition to the field of anthropology, we recognize a similar growing interest among members of sister disciplines, especially Sociology, who have an ongoing interest in the study of markets and consumption practices. There is also a growing interest in the fields of humanities, arts, and aesthetics.

GaiExpo Pan-Africa Conference on Education

The major objective is to assemble scholars and researcher practitioners from diverse disciplines who are involved in studying Africa markets and consumption practices and employ anthropological and related theories and methods in understanding market phenomena. We expect this will provide a platform for a fruitful dialogue between social/cultural anthropologists, market/consumption specialists, social scientists and humanists both within the academia and industry. Our goal is to bring together about at least 100 attendees, Exhibitors, presenters, discussants, traders and others as active participants/observers for a four day event in Tübingen –University City in Southern Germany.

The conference will be open to invitees and others on a space available basis. GABS has invited the Africa university Zimbabwe to GaiExpo 2018 as a showcase of pan-Africanism in the field of Education.

 Conference Format

For every paper included in the conference there will be a paper presenter and a designated discussant. Each presenter will have up to 10 minutes to summarize the main points of the paper. The discussant of the paper will then have 10 minutes to present their comments and open the discussion up to the session. The discussant should be able to provide a broader interpretation of the issues and contextualize the paper as needed -- thus the role of the discussant is critical. 

The accepted papers for the conference will be distributed to the discussant well in advance of the conference. The conference attendees will also have access to the papers once they sign up for the conference.

An important goal of the conference is that collectively the conference papers should appeal to both academics and practicing professionals. 

At this point we would like to invite you to present a paper on a topic that fits with the main theme of the conference. You are free to choose any topic of interest. We strongly encourage presenters to experiment with new ideas.

  1. If you are willing to be a partner, exhibitor and presenter, please confirm by email by May 15, 2018
  2. We will need an abstract, approximately 250 words, by May 30, 2018 with your name, affiliation and contact details.
  3. The completed paper should be submitted by June 15, 2018, so we can send it to the discussant well in advance. The completed paper should be approximately 10 pages long, double spacing excluding the references.
  4. Once we receive the paper, we will send it to the discussant and arrange to include it in conference proceedings.
  5. The discussant will provide written comments (to be included in the proceedings) at the time of the conference session.

Other details:

  1. As partner, Exhibitor, presenter and discussant we will provide the following

      -Free Exhibition space and food. Foreign guests are advised to obtain a non-tourist visa (e.g. business) to qualify for GaiExpo participants.

  1. Kindly note that the papers should have a broader appeal because the attendees will include members of different professions – anthropology, social marketing and consumer research and consumption (including practicing professionals). Global perspectives are welcome. 

 Direct all Questions: E-Mail: info@gabs-germany.de  

Conference details and updates will also be posted in due course on GaiExpo website www.gaiexpo.com

We look forward to hearing from you.