9. - 12. AUGUST 2018

Arts Exhibition 

Arts for tommorrow, today

GaiExpo Exhibition is dedicated to showcasing young talents and professionals on Africa Art.  Goal is to offer a global platform for cultural exchange and dialogue with focus on Africa. Future is to collaborate with existing structures to establish Africa Arts (ADA) gallery in our region Baden-Württemberg. Gallery shall present Africa’s 20th century and contemporary Art from Artist on the continent and the world.

It shall also motivate and inspire young people to engage in Arts as it preserves heritage and history

Program 2018 

  • Thursday - Sunday: Exhibition for all Artist
  • Thursday: Art Forum with presentation; workshops and podium discussions
  • Saturday: Festival Parade
  • Sunday: Arts show on stage and Awards

"I believe that art is a tool that enables direct intervention, opening new horizons – but in a real and accessible way, so it really reaches people. That’s why today I do art having in mind social issues, so it can be one more tool for building knowledge."  ALEXANDER KETO  

Contact & info:  info@gabs-germany.de