9. - 12. AUGUST 2018

The  Story

What used to be called "TIAF" Tübingen International African Festival for the past 10 yrs, has a new name, German African International Expo "GAIEXPO". TIAF was focused on Arts and Culture in the B2C sectors. GAIEXPO shall focus on the B2B sectors giving SME´s the opportunity to get contact, partnership and Networking between Diaspora, European with African companies.


The  Name

Realizing 12 huge projects in 10yrs, our goals with "TIAF" has been achieved. It is time to put professional know-how into our original dream  GAIEXPO the future. The Name speaks for itself, a platform for transactions, network, connections exposure and entertainment. GAIEXPO seeks to connect African home champions with Diaspora global players. Come in and find out!  Read more...



GAIEXPO is an important platform for international encounters with African entrepreneurs and interested parties. In Africa, Entrepreneurship is now and the future. Africa´s diaspora remittance continue to hit records with more than $35.2bn in 2015. GAIEXPO platform brings together stakeholders, investors, funds, producers and buyers...   Read more...