9. - 12. AUGUST 2018


                               " La Vie est belle" 

From 9th to 12th August 2018, we welcome everyone in diverse context to our annual platform which takes place in the university town Tübingen southern region, Federal Republic Germany - families, students, holiday makers, young people, representatives of culture and others. Focus country is Tanzania.

Africa is a hub for business opportunities in every sector, unfortunately international investors face difficulties in getting access partners as well as markets in sub-Sahara Africa. 

GaiExpo, German African International Expo in its first edition offers it's platform for SMEs, Diaspora start-ups and businesses, NGOs, private groups as well other initiatives.  

Africa is talents continent in all context, unfortunately Africa's best talents barely find way to global stage due to lots of constraints such as the inability to finance trips. 

Germans and Africans need a platform to get in contact and get to learn how to understand each other and be able to live together in Germany

8th International Afrika Festival is a practical solution to integration between Germans and Africans. Our Festival bring Africans, Germans and others together as well as offer a global stage for Africa's unprivileged young talents and professional artist . Our platform promotes intercultural exchange and dialogue through music, young talents, professional Artist -Authors, Fashion designers, Film producers, amateurs... in and out of Africa. 

Our goal is to provide a platform for Africa's unpriviledged sectors. GaiExpo and 8th International Afrika Festival Tübingen is the place to be 2018

Join us 4 days in Tübingen, as we continue our journey to unlock global opportunities, while searching for solutions to wipe out misery and sorrow. 

 GaiExpo & 8th International Afrika Festival Tübingen is organized by GABS click to read more  GABS

Call for Applications

SMEs Enterprises, Diaspora start-ups and businesses, NGOs, private groups, Ensembles, Professional Artist, Designers, Authors, Film producers, amateurs...in and out of Germany should apply by sending an E-mail at info@gabs-germany.de

Dateline for applications is May 30, 2018


 Focus 2018

   B2B Exhibition

    6. Africa Business Forum 

    Art & Diaspora Forum

Market & Handmade products

      Culinary Art 

          Festival / Theater

   Film & Producers

Authors & Readings

        ART Exhibition

    Children & Youths

      Africa Parade

       Church & Gospel



    Designer Fashion

     Beer & Cocktails

   SOWETO Black & White party

Contact & Info


TEL: +49 152 106 10374

Opening Hours:  10:00 am

Tickets at the Gate

Hotel & Privat Apartments